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Written on 20.05.2023 at 05:15 by Naomi Rouge - News

Clip shooting day on Mallorca with Lady Despina on June 20th and 21st Applications now possible!

Studio tour

Augsburg - Domicile Dark Emotion 01., 14+15., 28+29.06


Hof/ Saale - bizarre studio schwarz 04. - 10.06 

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Written on 16.01.2023 at 18:42 by Naomi Rouge - News

Hello my dear curious ones!  I hope you had a good start into the new year!  I want to talk (very dryly) about a KV session today and do some educational work on why it's "so expensive".    Fact 1) 90% of the KV inquiries are fakes, so the ladies almost only work with a down payment.  One (or woman) usually only notices it when the session processes are to be described in detail. phew Yes, I understand newcomers who are unsure, but we are talking about the classic TW here.     

We'll come straight to that  Fact 2) Why a deposit?: So that the guest actually comes is clear. BUT mainly because of the preparation. Why do I have to prepare? How many times have I had to hear "You have to sh***** every day anyway" No, I really don't have to. And a small question in return: Can you please hand in a reasonable portion of KV tomorrow, at 2:30 p.m. ? But please in a very specific shape and color ;)  Yes, in order to keep/fulfill the timing and the wishes around it, I need intensive preparation. Personally, I don't use laxatives either.    Fact 3) In the session: No, I've never felt disgust at my own KV. So that the report remains factual, I would like to leave the "how & where" uncommented. Disposition and "fun" is now simply a prerequisite ;)  BUT What is unavoidable: The smell and usually also the more intensive cleaning in the room and in the guest bathroom.  Yes, I do that personally. Of course, all of this takes time. you remember You don't pay ME, you pay for MY TIME.  The room must remain blocked longer = higher rent etc.  Lots of facts :)     

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments!  Bizarre greetings  Lady Naomi Rouge

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Written on 30.12.2022 at 18:48 by Naomi Rouge - News

Happy New Year 2023! I'll start straight away with a tour

01.01-07.01 Hof / Saale



Augsburg / Domicile Dark Emotion 11+12, 18+19, 25+26, 31 January

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Written on 23.11.2022 at 10:44 by Naomi Rouge - News

If you load 100€ on your user account between 01.12-31.12, you will get a free clip! (will be activated on your profile)

Only 100€ top-ups apply, no smaller sums in pieces (for example 4x 25€)

But if you load 200€ or 500€, you will of course get the corresponding number of clips unlocked. (200€=2, 500€=5)

You are welcome to tell me your favorite Clips.

Exception: The clip "80 minutes bitter sweet rubber session: 3 latex ladies vs 2 latex slaves" will only be activated if you charge it for at least €200.

Happy charging and enjoy clips! There are many new HOT clips in the pipeline, coming online every Sunday. This action is perfect for "creating a credit reserve"

Bizarre greetings

Lady Naomi Rouge

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Written on 05.11.2022 at 20:15 by Naomi Rouge - News

Augsburg / Domicile Dark Emotion

NEW 07., 08., 09., 14., 17., 24., 25., 28., 30. November

München / Studio Elegance

06. November, 04. Dezember