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Naomi Rouge - News
Written on 22.12.2021 at 13:51 by Naomi Rouge - News

I'll say goodbye on "vacation" until January 11th, 2022 and enjoy the holidays and the turn of the year.

Of course I also think of you, my loyal slaves! Here are the new dates for 2022

AUGSBURG - Domicile Dark Emotion

11-12.01 + 17.01 + 20.01 + 24.01 + 26.01 + 31.01

Munich - Studio Elegance


On January 8th, 2022 you also have the chance to meet me in Berlin for a "Cash & Go".


I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

here is my wish list again for Christmas ;)


Naomi Rouge - News
Written on 26.11.2021 at 18:57 by Naomi Rouge - News

The first snow is here! But don't worry, I know exactly how to get you going!

For example with ...

a very own wish clip / wish wideo

a hot online session / cam chat / phone education

or is it very classic, let me turn my head personally? #realsession


As a dominatrix in Augsburg you can find me in the Domicile Dark Emotion


06.-08.12 + 13.12 + 16.12 + 20 - 21.12


Domina Munich, BDSM Session Munich, Latex Session Munich

In the Munich - Penthouse Elegance I am 12/11 present!


NEW SPECIAL: Venus2000 treatment PUR at a special price


Yes, we MAY officially open (up to incidence 1000)! Please note the 2G rule.

Naomi Rouge - News
Written on 25.10.2021 at 15:16 by Naomi Rouge - News

NEW: Order Your Custom Clip directly!

English about Lady Naomi Rouge (lady-naomi-rouge.com)



My NEW Tourdates in November


AUGSBURG - Domicile Dark Emotion

25.11 + 29.11 07.-09.12 + 13.12 + 16.12 + 20 - 21.12




Make an appointment


Naomi Rouge - News
Written on 21.09.2021 at 16:32 by Naomi Rouge - News

Locktober - the chastity heart beats faster! 

I am happy to take your KG key with me. Send them to me by post or bring them to the studio in person!

New sexy locktober clips are uploaded EVERY DAY. Exciting tasks, excruciating lust and bitter longing await you 





Naomi Rouge - News
Written on 31.08.2021 at 17:08 by Naomi Rouge - News

I am not available between 09.09-16.09! I treat myself to a week off on the beach   

All dates at a glance: 


New clips ONLINE! - Check back often, it's worth it!