Naomi Rouge

Meet me

You saw my clips, were milked by me on the phone and exchanged hot conversations over messages. Now you can’t think of anything but meet me? This is not a problem! The best you can meet me on my studio days in the best BDSM and fetish studios. For me, high quality is the be-all and end-all! Just like the discretion, for me and for you. You can find out when I am in which studio HERE

To make an appointment, I need the following information:

1. When (date and time)

2. How long should the session last (active playing time and, if desired, the duration of the so-called "lay time")

3. What exactly do you want to experience (since some wishes are associated with extra costs, this question is very important)

4. Would you like to book exclusive toys?

5. How would you like to deposit? (Amazon, Paypal, bank transfer or cash)

My exclusive toy and latex collection

Latex for you (OS = suitable for every size)

Various catsuits from Blackstyle S-XXXL

Inflatable latex (ball mask OS, mittens OS, a red suit with breasts in L)

Heavy Rubber Straitjacket OS (Very heavy!)

Rubberdoll complete sets pink + red (L and XL)

Different masks

Vacuum frame

Corsets for the normal and bigman

A female mask from MpicsMedia

Latex bondage sack OS

Latex gag with mouth lining

Exclusive toys

Venus2000 (milking machine from USA)

Striker fucking machine from Stylefetish

Fuck machine for blow training

chastity belts form XS to XL (chastity training, keyholder, resizing)

Strap-ons with different dildos (XS to Monster)

Transformation into a woman (silicone breasts, pussy panties and more)

Sex training (inflatable doll, masturbators with a rubber pussy, manual or electric)

Estim systems with accessories nipple, intimate, anal ... (electric games from tender & horny to hard & mean)

Penis pump (electrical system)

Cum dildos for a real experience

Everything for the bum (enemas, plugs, dildos and more)

* Standard toys are of course available and are not worth listing