Naomi Rouge
caught in Rubber Real Session FULL CLIP
caught in Rubber Real Session FULL CLIP

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I experienced a hot rubber session with my rubber object. After I wrapped him in latex from top to bottom, I used a few ropes to tie him to the slave chair. Since the ropes weren't enough for me, I wrapped him in several layers of black foil. It's much better like this! I shamelessly took advantage of his situation. The nipples were LONG-DRAWN, tormented with clamps and reshaped with a vibrator to small, sensitive clitoris. My faithful friend 2B (estim), takes excellent care of his cock. After I've let off steam, I change his position. He lies stretched out. Delicious to look at, isn't it? .... Of course I make sure he has nowhere to go! I tell him how awesome it would be if the latex was pissed on..... so wet that you could use the piss as a lube! With this thought in mind, I take the rubber pussy and milk his lust completely! Until the last drop falls. Because his lust belongs to ME!