Naomi Rouge
CBT Fantasy: For your hard brainfuck
CBT Fantasy: For your hard brainfuck

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The torment of pleasure has you firmly under control. Your best piece twitches and demands more. MORE HARDNESS! I combine a unique experience here: The perfect POV setting gives you the feeling that this dildo is YOUR COCK. I enjoy a cigarette and use "your cock" as an ashtray and exhale my smooth smoke on him. Sprinkle him with wax, use him as a spittoon and tease him with my nails. My verbal taunts will only make your cock harder. Are YOU tough enough for this clip? I can see how horny you are.... #dildos #candle wax #wax games #smoking fetish #smoking Bizarre greetings Domina, Lady Naomi Rouge
Tags: pov, smoking, spitting, CBT