Naomi Rouge
overwhelm the slave Part 1
overwhelm the slave Part 1

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Our slave has expressed a wish for today's session: He wants it to be "romantic & cuddly". Since he is "totally right" with two classic dominatrixes. We lure him onto our bondage bed and completely overwhelm him. He crawls over to Lady Despina without knowing what's going to happen, I take full advantage of his distraction and grab his stockinged legs from behind! ZACK he is caught and mercilessly fixed with tape and ropes defenseless. The slave really likes nylon legs and nipple stimulation, so we can shoot him completely into another sphere. Our head cinema fucks his slave brain in addition to mush, when we also put a dildo gag on him and talk loudly about who's going to ride him first, he gives up completely. As horny and manageable as he is now, he is fixed to a gyn chair and used in part be continued ;)