Naomi Rouge
POV Breathe(Not) & Ruin! All good things are 3
POV Breathe(Not) & Ruin! All good things are 3

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POV custom clip based on the script // Nice that you are here, slave. Trust is good, control is better! I like my toys completely defenseless, we'll take care of that first. Several layers of foil and tightly wrapped with duct tape, I like you much better. Since you are now completely at my mercy, I have total control over you and your air. First I'll put a gas mask on you and play around with the're finding it harder and harder to breathe and I'll ruin your first orgasm. Next, I push my rubber ass in your face over and over again, gasping is guaranteed and your second ruined orgasm is guaranteed. Are you already totally out of breath? Almost empty but still SO cool. Well, now I'll look deep into your eyes and cover your mouth and nose....of course I'll ruin your third orgasm too! Today I don't treat you to anything, because all good things come in THREE!