Naomi Rouge
Sklaven-Überwältigung Teil 2
Sklaven-Überwältigung Teil 2

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In part 2, our slave is on the gyn chair. Under his gas mask he keeps mumbling something that we don't (don't want to) understand. Well, just ignored. The inhaler, called "the Blubbler" ensures more peace, so we no longer hear his complaints and treat ourselves to a relaxing background noise. But what do we see there? Unshaved slave balls? They will experience a shave right away! We want plump, horny and hairless slave eggs. Before WE try the dildo gag (see part 1) we want to see how he is doing in his slave cunt! Sweet. how he fidgets. Still, there is no way out. Fucked the slave's ass and jerked his cock to despair through edging, we let him fall in his hottest moment. The ultimate punishment for the naughty slave who made inappropriate requests!

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