Naomi Rouge
Strict duct tape mummification
Strict duct tape mummification

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A slave, 10 rolls of black tissue tape and a sadistic mistress. A horny, real session excerpt. Watch as I first wrap my slave in foil, then in several layers of duct tape! I even allow him to try to escape. Will he make it? Completely mummified, head to toe, only his nose is sticking out. Safety always comes first for me ;) As perfectly defenseless as he is, he will now unfortunately have to suffer torments of pleasure. I stick a magic wand in the "right place" for him and turn him on and off...just so that he's about to, and then off again. In the end, I don't see why he's having fun alone should and sit astride him allow me my well-deserved fun! So much duct tape Would YOU dare? I'm wearing a sexy latex lingerie set and a horny rubber cunt. Look closely and you'll see the shiny, thick lips between my legs! Location Penthouse Elegance