Naomi Rouge
The Pink Fail (Full version)
The Pink Fail (Full version)

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Already in the first minute Lady Despina and Lady Naomi Rouge recognized that they have a wimp in front of them. So hot ladies around and the tail doesn't move a bit. If he's a pussy, he'll be treated that way! Zack, he is roughly put into a pink dress and is supposed to inflate something. Unfortunately he is a total zero. He can't even "blow" laugh. Even our punches can't animate this loser. Well, I guess we'll have to resort to stronger means then! The loser bitch is now broken in vigorously! Lady Despina and Lady Naomi Rouge, strap on their horny strap-on dildos and show the useless slut where her place is! First it is blown deep and coarse, there is no consideration or pity. First swallow one cock and then both together. A real "Maulfotzensblastung" we love that! Well, hopefully the tails are wet enough now...because now it's getting exciting! Bend over, whore, now there's a deep DP. Asshole and mouthhole at the same time! Because you don't deserve anything else, we also practice a delicious "ass-to-mouth" suckling! Well, nothing helps. Loser stays loser. We pack up the useless thing and send it back on the road.